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Name: Faith // Mithos Yggdrasil
Age: Physically fifteen near sixteen, actually 4000+.
Team: Sterling

Height/Build: Just under 5 feet 5'1 / wiry and strong. He has stopped aging in Aather.
Hair Color/Eye Color: Blond / blue.
Notable Traits:

Mithos will not quite look the same as he did when he left Camelot to search for the Sword that Cuts Stories; he's finally, visibly physically aged about half a year, and spent most of that time traveling in the Margins. He is a fraction taller; some of the baby fat is gone from his face, and he is generally stronger and a little more scarred and angular than his iconset would indicate. He wears his hair in a braid that reaches to his lower back, and his outfit is fairly different; in endgame through to the aftermath, he's dressed in a pale blue tunic with white and green trim, over sensible dark pants and boots.

He's still wearing a whole lot of bling, though.

Other: His Crystal is active and made of magic and compressed human souls. AS OF DAY 95 he has VERY STRANGE PINGS that combine this and this. To anyone with an enhanced sense of smell, he also has no personal scent; he only smells like whatever's around him/what he's been handling. Sometime in the period he and Lloyd were gone, Mithos's Cruxis Crystal was finally decoupled from his body and soul; while still a long-lived person with a whole lot of magic in his own right, he is no longer an angel, and has his true body back.
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[a journal, of sorts.]


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*at some point in time, there are two knights walking slowly back towards the castle and through the Great Hall, should anyone be looking for them.*
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* The small-town winter festival.

Won from Game 199 – Cards for Gerda.

From when Mithos and Martel were still the only ones traveling together; sometime before reaching Tethe’alla. It’s snowing briskly and they take the risk of stopping in a human town for the night, because they’re low on supplies and also kind of freezing. They’re made reasonably welcome, not recognized as half-elves because of how they’re dressed. They buy what they need and notice the town is set up to celebrate a festival that night, honoring Celsius and the winter; they’re invited to come check it out since sharing the warmth of the town with visitors brings good fortune for the coming year. They talk about it in their room at the inn, and eventually agree to risk it – the snow is still falling and this town doesn’t have more sophisticated methods of telling half-elven blood, so as long as they keep their hoods up they should be okay.

Unfortunately Mithos’s jacket hood does slip at some point in the festivities and he’s noticed by a stallkeeper, who raises an uproar. Some of the townspeople raise an outcry (misbegotten half-elves! They’ll spoil everything!) and kick them out.

+ Some knowledge of Aselian seasonal festivals and holidays? At least that they existed – this knowledge is 4000 years out of date.
+ H…huff discrimination memories huff.

* Hanging out with Summon Spirits on the road.

Won from Game 201 – Love for Morgan and the Green Knight.

A followup to the memory of initially asking them to hang out with him; they’re sort of clustered together in idk an evening camp or something. There’s not much conversation but there’s a definitely more companionable feel to this memory and a lot less shyness around them. Friendship???

+ . . . :D . . .

* Sidequest: Tiniest butler.

Won from Game 202 – CON AIR LIFE for Mira.

Tethe’alla memory. Basically the equivalent of Colette’s waitress minigame sidequest except the Yggdrasil siblings get roped into it together, with Mithos as the manservant/footman who relayed the guest’s orders to the kitchen and Martel taking dishes to the guests while the hypothetical player of their game wailed and mashed buttons a lot. At least they got titles and costumes out of it . . .

The noblewoman responsible for the ballgown sidequest probably had a hand in this one too.

+ Alternate costume: . . . I can’t find a picture that isn’t a Black Butler image but it is basically a tailored suit – black pants, white collared shirt, bowtie, silver buttondown vest, black and silver suit jacket with Symphonia-style embellishments, neat black shoes. Anyone who is/becomes linked to his inventory is free to notice this in the key items page. I have no idea if he’ll wear it voluntarily.
+ Not taken.

* Undine and the laundry incident.

Won from Game 203 – words for Maleficent and Hatter.


+ U-using your powers for good.

* Sparring with Celsius.

Won from Game 205: Puzzles for Dream.

And then in this one Mithos and a different avatar of the planet’s elemental forces decided to try beating the hell out of each other and decided they enjoyed it. Hell yes.

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* Fugitive, Judged and Neglected.

Won from Game 190: Murder mysteries for Marjory.

I'll replace this video with a thing that doesn't have voiceovers later but it's a long memory. Near endgame, Lloyd has to go rescue his party from where Mithos has trapped them in illusions and is trying to convince them to go over to the dark side, and then everyone has to fight three minibosses made out of the darkness in Mithos's soul.

The 'Fugitive' is the feeling of running away with nowhere to go; the Judged is the feeling that murderers should be punished regardless of the reasoning (Mithos going 'destroy all humans' because a human shanked his sister, here); the Neglected is bitterness against fantasy racism.

+ There's a layer of THIS IS REALLY STUPID here (because it is) but there's also a lot of invasiveness and projection and really quite terrible emotional manipulation happening and a lot of yelling. It's a highly private memory because it contains details about so many people's pasts but it's also one of the better ones for showcasing the spread of character feelings/ideologies, I think. Also, Lloyd's a spider. Also I guess bits of Mithos's soul get killed?
+ Not taken.

* "I know it's selfish, but...please stay with me tonight?"

Won from Game 197: Serah's heart.

Partway through his stint of traveling alone to gather most of the Summon Spirits, Mithos gets kind of depressed and lonely without his party and calls on the Spirits he's already pacted with outside of a battle, asking them if they'll keep him company for a while. It's strange and shy and moody and bittersweet; it's one of his very few hero-era memories of reaching out to people and starting to feel them out as friends.


* Sword artes, starting with Demon Fang and progressing through tiers.

Won from Skill Game 35: Skillswap for Mr. Right.

Self-explanatory, really.

+ Not taken.

* Minimap.

Won from Skill Game 36: "What's in the box?" for Cecily/Masked Lady.

+ DUMB RPG SKILL THE UMPTEENTH HAVING A TINY MAP ON THE SCREEN though probably in Aather terms this just means it's a lot harder for him to get lost in dungeons and a lot easier to know where he's already been. Does not work in towns.
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Won from game 179: winter outfit designs for Cassandra.

snip )

+ Some fascination and academic interest, but largely body horror.
+ What has magic science done.

* The end of the Kharlan War.

Won from game 179: JabberQuest.

snip )

+ WELL THAT WAS TRIUMPH. He has a huge amount of perspective that dampens it (blah blah ruined it all afterwards blah) but as an isolated memory it’s extremely uplifting.
+ This memory is, I think, the one that gives him a good personal taste of just how hard it is to start fixing a world long term as opposed to saving it in the short term; a pretty good perspective to have, considering long-term fixing is pretty much what he’s signed up for one he goes home.
+ Not taken.

* "I'm running out of time..." Possessing Colette; destroying the Tower of Salvation.

Won from game 181: Naoto’s heart.

snip )

+ I think he already knew everything in here from other memories except that he physically destroyed the Tower, so it’s mostly just a case of lingering D|!!! here rather than OH GODDDD
+ He actually got the possession skill back a while ago now and didn’t want to use it ever again then; this memory reinforces that pretty well.

* Happy birthday.

Won from game 182: wordhunting for Nick.

snip )

+ Nostalgiadere.
+ Remembering the concept of birthdays as a thing, ooh. Also his and Martel’s birthday dates as translated to the Symphonia calendar.

* Getting the talk from Martel.

Won from game 185: tricolor circus for Columbine.

snip )

+ Probably . . . won’t want to have sex for a little bit after taking this one, because terrifying flashbacks!?
+ Not taken.


* Battle cooking.

Won from skill game 32: redundant task completion the elements of Chance.

Mithos now has Tales cooking which is, I suppose, the one natural heal ability most Tales characters can have! The foods he makes, if he makes them a certain way, will restore your HP and/or MP by certain percentages (I don’t remember a lot of them off the top of my head but a sandwich cures 10% HP, for example – so, a small heal.) For powercap purposes most of the recipes are probably greatly reduced in efficacy and he can’t carry unreasonably large amounts of them around. But generally if he shoves a portable food item in your mouth after a big fight it is to your benefit to eat that sucker.
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* Angel: Teleportation.

Won from Skill Game 31: Kisses for the Green Knight.

What it says on the tin! Mithos can now teleport. He can bring items or people with him up to a point, and has to be able to clearly visualize where he wants to get to or it won't work.

I'm treating this as an intermediate spell, so more than 2-3 uses in a day and he's exhausted. It's probably not a move that will come up in fights much, but it is a pretty good emergency ability.
antreegonist: Mithos: symbolic/hands/medicine (purpose.)
* Herbalism and medicine.

Won from Skill Game 28: Pirate crews for Hook.

Knowledge of plants, knowledge of how to distill and process plants into medicines, and the accumulated practice and experience to do it quickly and competently! He'll help out more in the clinic in this regard, probably experiment a bit more with Aather's strange fairytale flora, etc. etc. This is the last part of his doctor skillset.
antreegonist: Mithos: symbolic/World Tree sapling (a dream deferred.)
* Sidequest: K-Katz why.

Won from Game 165: Trauma Candyland for the Gingerbread Witch.

snip )

+ what
+ what???
+ Alternate costume: Katz outfit; anyone who is/becomes linked to his inventory is free to notice this in the key items page.

* "Is this...Mithos's Cruxis Crystal?"

Won from Game 167: Emilatosk's heart.

snip )

+ bawww genis
+ This memory gives really weird sensory feedback if it's shared because Mithos is hearing the conversation from inside his Cruxis Crystal. There's also a sense of being very cold and tired.

* The entirety of ToS2.

Won from Game 168: generosity for Kiriko.

snip )

+ take memory, instant K.O.; it's super intense!
antreegonist: Mithos: surprise/derp/party(Genis/Colette/Lloyd) (kittens!  inspired by kittens!)
* Life with Altessa and Tabatha.

Won from Game 151: Kingdoms for Nimue.

snip )

+ :(?
+ This memory is trivial neutral in canon context, but Tabatha memories are fairly sad ones for Mithos to get in Aather, once he regains endgame: Tabatha is an existence he destroyed who can't be gotten back, because she became part of the Summon Spirit Martel.

* Chasing Raine to the Otherworldly Gate.

Won from Game 153: Edmund's heart.

snip; contains long gamescript chunk )

+ When he takes this memory, Mithos may comment on that fact that this is one of his very few memories that has a similar feel and pace to his life in Aather, with a lot of heavy social interaction and multiple big events happening in the space of one single day.
+ Between this and the 'life with Altessa and Tabatha' memory he's almost completely regained the entire period between joining Lloyd's party and betraying it! Hmm.
+ Genuine worry for Raine; Genis feels; some Presea stuff and being able to place finding out about Presea's backstory; actual knowledge about the Otherwordly Gate and more understanding of how he shaped the divided world system and that Cruxis agents probably use that gate to travel; finding out Raine's issues; lol Heimdall lol; finding out Sheena's issues; lol Summon Spirits lol; lol self sacrifice lol; trying to stay with the party but getting defeated by logic.
+ This brings up some things about other people suffering the consequences of his actions and contains a lot of important party revelations, but a great deal of it is just traveling and talking, which is why it's trivial neutral.


Won from Game 158: Dollmaking for the Masked Lady.

Martel and Mithos meet Tenebrae on their way in to see Ratatosk. Tenebrae is terrible and punny and terrible.

+ Personal knowledge of Tenebrae rather than just knowing him through Emil's memory.
+ Aversion to bad puns, jeez.

* Commissioning Tabatha.

Won from Game 159: Secret Santa for the Green Knight.

snip )

+ :(

* Tower of Salvation, first encounter.

Won from Game 161: Mira's introduction/healing retrieval.

snip; contains gamescript chunk )

+ This is an actively cruel memory; there was legitimately no reason for Yggdrasil to appear here except to taunt/gloat over the party! "I am leader of Cruxis . . . and the Desians" is essentially saying the bad guys they were trying to get rid of and the divine forces they thought would help accomplish that were one and the same organization; it's saying that the group has just been used as pawns all along.
+ It's also lording it over Kratos, actually. LOOK KRATOS I'M GOING TO KILL YOUR SON NOW I TRUST YOU HAVE NO OBJECTIONS YES? like a total douchebag
+ Except for the killing Kratos's son part, this has a familiar feeling, so he'll be able to infer he's done it multiple times in the past: taking petty personal revenge on humans by telling Chosen's accompanying parties they've been working for nothing and then casually offing them.
+ Going to sit in a corner after taking this one for a while because it's one of those wow really seriously?! memories.

* Genis befriending him.

Won from Game 163: Conveying emotion for the Unicorn.

This memory follows the manga version, found here (until page 16.)

+ Mithos wasn't really able to appreciate the rest of the party talking the half-elf issue over in the memory (his train of thought there was probably liars liars liars), but he will in Aather.
+ Even though he had genuine friendship feelings for Genis, he was hiding something important and ultimately betrayed Genis along with the rest of the party, so their friendship was actually . . . kind of shallow compared to the longer-term relationships he's managed to build up in Aather. It didn't have the chance to become like those relationships! So this memory causes a kind of homesickness; actively wanting to go back to Aselia and build more lasting relationships with Genis and the rest of the party, and actually live life in their world with them.
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* "I can no longer bear your justice." Final death. Becoming the new Great Tree.

. . . )

+ Well mostly he's going to be knocked out in the immediate aftermath and then dazed and not quite lucid for a day or so after taking this memory, because it is intense.
+ And also mad at himself because he could have anchored the Tree and seen it grow without driving things to the point where the main party had to kill him! Also his dying speech was incredibly hurtful and stupid. Hindsight is perfect, though.
+ He already knows he died, and has seen Lloyd's memory of waking the Great Seed + the new World Tree/Summon Spirit! But he never saw the moment/circumstances of his own death, and Lloyd's POV wasn't clear that Mithos's soul did in fact become a part of the new Tree. So this slots the last few pieces into place there. This memory also finally makes sense to him.
+ In the end, it all filters back into his determination to return to Aselia alive.
+ Not taken.
antreegonist: Mithos: symbolic/World Tree sapling (a dream deferred.)
* "Can you bring my sister back, Lord of All Monsters?"

Won from Game 146: Columbine and Hatter's carnival.

messy breakups )

+ So basically 'Emil is Ratatosk' is coming up in Aather soon and that'll be fun. v('-')v
antreegonist: Mithos: surprise/derp (not a caravan of despair.)
* Sidequest: noble romance shenanigans :'|

Won from Game 128: Crime and punishment for the Queen of Hearts.

1 )

+ A-AMUSED . . .
+ We've long since passed the point where Mithos is seriously affected by objective trivials, but sidequest memories are nice because they show interaction with NPCs in past canon that's more mixed and variable and in-depth than the regular run of casually racist negativity/extremely positive exceptions that makes up most of his memories.
+ A lot of Symphonia sidequests are just plain derp but a lot of them also flesh out the world and its inhabitants more and drive Necessary Important Lessons in the main party's faces! It's a thing that Mithos ran into his share of these, and that the majority of them were geared towards learning that prejudice manifests in a range of ways and people are people and people can change. It's also a thing that because a big chunk of his journey turned into avoiding people after the fiasco of Tethe'alla, he ran into way fewer of these sidequests than your average Tales hero.
+ Alternate costume: fancy noblewoman's gown; anyone who is/becomes linked to his inventory is free to notice this in the key items page.

* Sidequest: formal/military.

Won from Game 129: Doll/exploradora for the Masked Lady.

2 )

+ Alternate costume: military dress outfit + riding boots; anyone who is/becomes linked to his inventory is free to notice this in his key items page.
+ A better understanding of the structures of actual knight training? Nothing in-depth, but it's recognizable to him now!
+ S-some aversion to riding animals 8D; THAT WASN'T FUN.

* Lessons with Martel.

Won from Game 135: Questions for Columbine and Madame White.

3 )

+ Siiiis.
+ Bittersweetness.
+ Knowledge of plants and their uses! The book-learning/rote memorization part, at least, which gggives him some grounding. He still absolutely needs his herbalism/medicine-making skill (which he hasn't earned yet) to back this up; it covers the actual practical expertise part.

* War games.

Won from Game 136: Guy Cecil's heart.

4 )

+ This is actually several kinds of messed up because it's incontrovertible proof that he was also messing with the half-elves for his own selfish purposes despite his pitch being that he'd make a better world for them! Basically he is a dick to . . . every race on Aselia. NONE WERE SPARED.
+ :'(

* Waking after the Great Seed is calmed.

Won from Game 140: Crime and punishment for Mother.

5 )



* Elemental spells, intermediate tier.

Won from Skill Game 24: Speed dating for Hatter and Dormouse.

+ Upgrade on his available offensive magic!
+ Spread (water), Flame Lance (fire), Air Blade (wind), Grave (earth), Thunder Blade (lightning), Freeze Lancer (ice.) I don't know why the game gives him mixed T-Type and S-Type spells, okay.
+ As usual, the powercap damps these considerably, though they are reasonably stronger than his novice spells. He can do three on average per day if he doesn't use other magic, maybe four, though then he's careening towards powercap.

* Battle concentration.

Won from Game 138: Stories for Nimue.

+ One of Symphonia's higher-level passive skills for mages; allows Mithos to be able to run around on a battlefield/take a hit from a monster without it totally breaking his concentration on spellcasting and having to start over. YAY MULTITASKING.


Aaaand the memories he won after these get their own entry, because they are doozies.
antreegonist: Mithos: symbolic/dawn (long way to climb.)

Heart ran here!


ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS CAN GO HERE, or you can tell me if your character did something that I missed, or ask for more symbolism details that I forgot to cover in-depth, or ask me for your relationship tree, or whatever you want! THANK YOU EVERYONE WHO PLAYED! You made the heartgame pretty damn magical and I hope you all had as much fun with it as I did, ahhh ♥ ♥ ♥
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